Palm Trees

May 23rd, 2011 03:54:48 pm

Let's Talk About Palm Trees


It is almost time to have your palm trees trimmed. Palms are typically trimmed in mid June to July. The reason we do palms this time of year, is because they grow seed pods each year that can be messy and unsightly. Having your tree trimmed after the seed pods emerge ensures that you get a full year to enjoy a properly trimmed, clean tree.


Skinning is another type of maintenance that can be done to keep your tree looking clean. Skinning involves removing the base of the fronds that have been trimmed in the previous years. This leaves the trunk of the tree smooth and free of debris. Many people also have this done to prevent scorpions and other pests from moving in to the tree. However, leaving the skins on is also acceptable and many people do this to give the tree a more natural look.


Remember to verify that the person trimming your trees is properly insured.

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